2min kiss ..?? (picture)

actually i was searching new taemin’s pictures when i see this one, and it shocked me O_O!

he is very like taemin. and another one, it’s minho’s lips, isn’t it??

is it edited?? is there any possibly that they are really 2min?? who knows…


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14 thoughts on “2min kiss ..?? (picture)

  1. l luv this sweet couple..i saw them many vid…

    i don’t know ..is it fanservice..or not….

    but i luv MINHO&TAEMIN SO MUCH


  2. Noooooooooooooooooo………….it’s not taemin and minho.It’s look like edited so that’s not true,there are some people who edit that picture.So meaning to say it’s not true!!! I have no evidence.But it’s obviously edited,it’s impossible that taemin kissing lips to lips with minho.Cause they the same gender.So it can’t be,it’s awkward.iyw…….~_~

  3. nooooooooo! minho…taemin… that not true? i wish that pict was truly minho & taemin! i love 2min so much so so much! TToTT

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