about post: [2min kiss ..?? (picture)]

I make this post to fix my older post with title: 2min kiss ..? (picture).

today, i got the answer whether they are 2min or not. and the answer is NO. yeah, it was just edited by fans or anti, i don’t know. but the point is the editing was quite good (ok, it’s almost GREAT) that i couldn’t ensure it that time.

i got comments for today and one of them was sent by someone name ‘wanpa’ who gave a youtube link about the picture. she/he doesn’t want her/his comment to be showed but i really thank him/her. THANK YOU, WANPA 😀

so the picture actually is the picture of–i don’t know–china’s yaoi couple named Law and Kirio (or that was written in the youtube video that i told before) . and it got some editted by someone, then tada! law and kirio changed to minho-taemin.

i don’t know how to feel, between relieved knowing that they’re not 2min or sad to know that they’re not 2min (?).  but in the end i got a new feel–searching for more videos or pictures of law-kirio. yea, got new yaoi couple^^ yippiee~~

is this mean that i really become yaoi shipper? who knows… 😀


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