Seriously Taemin, IS THAT A COUPLE RING???

It seems like today I’ll publish some posts that I’ve planned before. And we’ll start with this: Taemin’s (couple) ring.

Since Sherlock, we found that Taemin wear a ring. A simple one, so much different with bling-bling accessories that SHINee has worn before.

Maybe some of you would say ‘ah, it’s just a ring. Taemin should love that ring so much. It’s not a couple ring. NO.’

Yeah, I was like that too, but than I thought about something. It’s almost impossible that an idol wear same accessories ALL THE TIME. Yes, Taemin seems like that ring very much but NO that he wears it everywhere everywhen.

OK I’m gonna be positive thinking that the ring is REALLY the ring that Taemin loves so much which is he bought somewhere, or let us think a bit 2min; that ring is Minho’s gift for taemin for being a sweet boy(or girl?)friend–or mark that he is Minho’s.

Above all, please tell me that the ring is not a couple ring. Please tell me that he doesn’t have girlfriend YET. Anyone?

= = =

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29 thoughts on “Seriously Taemin, IS THAT A COUPLE RING???

    • SMs often be seen wearing some accessories, it’s a bit common. but ring…. it does have a deep meaning, especially for couple.. T^T i almost believe that the ring is given by taemin’s mom or something like that.. huhu… TT^TT

    • It is too late to discuss but I notice during these days that Taemin and Kai have similar bracelets which are not exactly same. But they wear these almost every time when they are together or not. If you know more about Taemin relationship , please reply me.

  1. Tapi dy kok makenya rasanya baru di masa-masa sherlock aja ya?
    Atau cuma cincin buat promosi doang gitu ? kaya yg dulu di pakai Jokwon sama Raina AS.

  2. aaarrgh nooo !! itu pasti minjem key ! #sotoy
    itu pasti cincin buat sekedar gaya2an doang ! aku yakin ! #terpaksa harus yakin

    • “Tapi cincin nya di jari telunjuk bukan di jari manis” nah itu yg jadi pertanyaan..dy takut naruh di jari manis makanya ditaruh di telunjuk,biar orang2 kaga pada curiga n terlalu memperhatikan..tuh anak emang punya sisi serius sm pekerjaan dy sbnr nya agak bad boy jg menurutku,mungkin aja diem2 dy udah punya bukan sulli (diluar SM)

  3. I think it’s a couple ring, since at TAXI TV Show when he ask bout’ how to know when is the right moment to kiss a girl.. kekeke.. once he not wore it when he went to Hongkong for Sponge TV Show.. (btw.. the right pic. he looks so skinny and tired T_T),

  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………. it cannot be a couple ring,it’s just a ring that he so fivorate.So that’s he always wear it ,if taemin’s ring is a couple ring???I don’t now what I’m going to do.Maybe I will give up for love,cause his the one and only my last crush in this world.Maybe I decide to be a boy like him,totally I’m the same with him like.A good dancer,a good singer.(i__i)hihihihi………….I wan’t him and I like LEE TAEMIN to be his himself.A real him personality,attitude!!!hihihihi……………T_T

  5. That ring is making me so worried T^T he wears it ALL THE TIME why !??? haaa … I read Sulli only wore it once so … and Taemin wears it on his right index which is … a random finger !? for a couple ring so there’s some hope ^^” right ?? Lately he’s been acting so sexy and manly like … ehy eould he start acting like that if he was already taken ?? torture us maybe ?? XD I don’t think it’s a couple ring … well I don’t know I’m also clueless @_@” no other girl than Sulli seems to have worn this ring and there’s only 1 pic of her with it so … I’m keeping hope !! he’ll have to get a girlfriend someday I know but … not now XD please T^T someone should really ask him about it !! why is it so precious to you oppa ??? ><'' anyway hope… let's hope !!

    • oh you’re right: not now please, taeminie~~ T^T
      ok, let’s hope.. V.V
      and you know what? I’ve decided to buy a ring and put it on my right index finger just like Taeminie does so I could think that the ring is couple with Taeminie’s kkk, maybe you can try it too! 😀 Childish idea but I think I’ll like it 😀

  6. I think it may be a purity ring, seeing as he’s Catholic and shows that fact a lot by wearing rosary beads via necklace and bracelet quite often, he may show they he is still pure (virgin) through religious means of a purity ring, much like Americans often do. I don’t know if its something Koreans do or if maybe its just a religion thing more than an ethnicity thing. I, myself, am not religious so I am not for sure but I’m sure if you looked up on it, you could find something out. I really hope its not a couple’s ring, of all people in SHINee, I’d figure Taemin would be the last to date, Jonghyun being first.

  7. Actually, now I’ve looked it up, it is actually also a rosary. The notches on the ring are from counting the Hail Mary’s, just like the beads do for the necklace and bracelets. Plus, the reason its on right pointer finger is so its easier to twist the ring with his thumb while counting Hail Mary’s. So, NO NEED TO WORRY NOW, OUR BABY IS SAFE!!

  8. A bit late, but yeah.
    It isn’t a couple ring. You know about the rosary bracelets he used to were all the time, right?
    Well the ring is just a replacement for them. Some people may say it’s a couple ring with Sulli, but Sulli has a completely different ring and she only wore it like once.
    Taemin’s ring is just another hold on for his believe.

    So yeah. I was shocked at first too, but then I went on research and found this.
    Nothing to worry about~! ^^

  9. thanks Heather and Taemlover for leaving comments ^^
    I’m not a catholic neither christian so i don’t know about this rosary and Hail Mary thing :3 and your comments makes we believe that it’s really not a couple ring. thank you so much for the information~ >,<~~~
    to Heather: I love your words 'our baby is safe' 😀 kkkkk~~ ^^
    and to Taemlover, thanks for the video 😉
    and to TAEMIN only if you read this: Stop getting more piercings on your ears.. it hurts, rite? 귀에 구멍을 내는 걸 그만 하세요. 아팠죠?

  10. It’s not a couple ring. It’s a rosary ring 🙂 He said it on we got married 😀 no worries guys.. but he may get a couple ring with naeun since they’re “married” 🙂


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