EXO-M의 CHEN (작은 이야기)

Maybe it was because Taemin’s couple ring photos which I’ve posted here before. And then EXO showcases released and those ruined my life. In positive way, I mean. Cause now I got stuck with this guy named CHEN


He’s member of EXO-M, but he’s Korean with real name Kim JongDae (김종대).

I saw him when he with Luhan sang EXO’s ‘What Is Love’ at EXO showcase in Beijing. it wasn’t lipsinging and when it’s almost the end of the song, he reached high tone easily, the [my ba~be baby babe baby] one *Q* that was surprising me. and i fell in love with him at the time. that’s it.

i just want more of his photos T^T

Gimme more CHEN~~~~ TT^TT

= = =

Posted by: Taemznuna

Photo: facebook/smtown


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