FF/S/Nuna’s Diary (page 1-2) Eng Vers

Nuna’s Diary =

Page: 1-2


  • Nuna
  • Taemin

Genre: Family, Incest

Author’s note: English is not my first language. Forgive me for grammatical errors and weird words.

= = =

I opened his room’s door.

“taeminie~ I’m home~”

He was lying on his bed, seemed that he was sleeping. I came closer and enjoy his angel-like face. But I know there’s something wrong. He might pretend to be sleeping. Just for joke, I close his nose so he couldn’t breath for a while.


“hahahahaha~!!” I laughed loudly.

“you want to kill me!” said taemin while he put his butt on the top of the bed. I caught his pink lips with my own hand.

“you can’t lie to me, kid..” I said easily while sitting beside him.

“hehe..” taemin just smiled, “how did you know that I didn’t sleep, nuna ?” he asked.

“from my six senses..”

Taemin looked unsatisfied with my answer.

“nuna, I’m serious~” he seemed very cute when saying that.

“gwiyeowo~” i said while playing with his nose. Taemin smiled brightly, he is always happy if I do that. Just a moment later, he laughed.

“don’t laugh! Have you done your homework?” I said suddenly. Taemin hugged his pillow tighter just then.

“eopseoyo” he shook his head and smiled again.

“don’t ever lie to me~”

“aniyo~” he said, “I’m not lying, nuna. Jinjja”

A ‘V’ sign on his hand make me sure about it and again, taemin smiled.

“geurae~ I’m going to sleep, then” I said while standing.

Taemin pulled his blanket up to his chin. I put the blanket well until all over his body is covered. Taemin looked at me closely.

“have a nice dream” I said softly. Taemin smiled.

“ppoppo, nuna?” he asked.

“you’re too  childish!” I said brusquely, but just then kiss his cheek.

“nuna, you smell bad” he said suddenly. I hit him on the head slowly.

“aigo~” taemin close his eyes and touch the place where I just hit him.

“jal jayo~”

“ne, nuna. Johahae”

= = =