Nuna’s Diary (누나의 일기)

Nuna’s Diary is one of fan-fiction made by Taemznuna. The story is about a nuna (older sister; Korea language) who live with her lovely little brother, Taemin (as read SHINee Taemin). The ever-lasting cute brother, Taemin, always acts cute in front of his nuna, and nuna herself couldn’t stand to write all those cute things about her brother on her diary. Yes, another incest fan-fiction to read 🙂

This fanfiction has been divided by three genres:

1. Nuna’s Diary, rating: general

2. Nuna’s Diary taemin’s unpredictable moments, rating: parental guidance

3. Nuna’s Diary another side of us, rating: rated (adult version of nuna’s diary)

Until now, nuna’s diary itself is only written in Bahasa Indonesia, but author will try to make it in English or/and Korean. happy reading 😉


PS: Feel free to like Nuna’s Diary page on Facebook. Thank You 🙂

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